Professor’s Halloween costume

by Kaylah Stroup

You guys, above might be the absolute best photo I have ever taken of Professor. I regularly take ridiculous photos of him (See here!) buuut that one takes the cake, in my humble opinion. I was already cracking up about the shots I was getting of him in this little get up but then he stood up on this back legs and I lost my mind.

I was at Marshalls, looking for Klaus a jacket so we could keep enjoying walks around our lovely neighborhood even when the weather turns, when I spotted this tiny sweater with an attached bowtie. I had been stressing out about what I was going to post Halloween week here on the blog. As much as I love the holiday, we don’t really do too much to celebrate other than hit up a haunted house. Still, I wanted something fun for the blog. I figured a photo or two of Professor dressed up as a little businessman was better than nothing.

To be fair, while I purchased this silly sweater with Halloween in mind, he’ll probably wear it anytime I need a laugh. Although he acted like it weighed a thousand pounds when I first put it on toward the end of our little photoshoot he had gotten used to it.

$7.99 well spent, am I right?!

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Did you dress your pets up for Halloween? PLEASE, leave me a link to photos if so! I would absolutely love to see.

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