30 gift ideas for your ~weird~ friend

by Kaylah Stroup

tooth, dental, bones, oddities, gift guide

  1. brain specimen coasters.
  2.  standard typodont.
  3. skull lapel pin.
  4.  skeleton oven mitt.
  5. denture shaped ice mold.
  6. PyroPet candle.
  7. beetle dress. Confirmed as the cutest darn dress – see it on me here!
  8. chatterbox pouch.
  9. molar vase. Perfect for small plants – see!
  10. mini human body model.
  11.  brain mug.
  12. didactic human skull.
  13. denture soap.
  14. spine model.
  15. human eye model.
  16. brain in a jar lapel pin.
  17. skeleton toe socks. Own them & love them!
    unique gift guide, skeletons, teeth, tooth, oddities
  18. wind up teeth socks.
  19. tooth magnets.
  20. tooth zipper pouch. Made from a photo I took!
  21. anatomy coloring book.
  22. typodont with braces.
  23. visible man.
  24. curiosities shirt. I own the sweatshirt version – see it worn here!
  25. eyeball lunch bag.
  26. skeletoucan lapel pin.
  27. skull lapel pin.
  28. tiny skull ring.
  29. human foot model.
  30. bone pens.

The Dainty Squid’s version of a gift guide! Did you expect anything different? I had this idea toward the beginning of the year and have been anxiously awaiting the moment I could finally start the post. Included in this post are 30 items perfect for your friend with weird tastes or to send your relative who has no idea what in the world to get you!

Happy Holidays!

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