wedding wishlist

by Kaylah Stroup

  1. Β I mean, if there were ever an occasion to wear white satin jammies I think it’d be on your wedding trip!
  2. Bride vibes. I’m so anti-everything traditional wedding related but y’all, I’m a sucker for ‘bride’ related things. I can’t help it.
  3. A remote + mini tripod for my phone. This will probably be the only vacation we ever go on with all our favorite people. Obviously, I plan on taking one billion photos but sometimes setting up the big camera and tripod is too much of a pain. I think having a remote and tiny tripod for my phone would be so so so helpful and help ensure I capture a ton of photos of all of us.
  4. All night dance party! We’re not having a traditional reception so no DJ, dance floor or anything like that but I’m sure there will be more than a few happy dances happening. This shirt seems appropriate.
  5. No bad days. Yeah, a sweatshirt in the desert is definitely not a necessity but I really dig this one!
  6. Our wedding day reception involves a pool and while I know the hotel obviously has towels I can’t help but think how cute this giant heart-shaped towel would look in photos.
  7. Dang right I want a ‘bride’ robe!!
  8. Each year, when we go to the desert I drag along more cameras than I need and way too much film. This trip will be even worse. I’m basically planning to bring along all the film I own (a ton!) plus more. I still think this round frame film would make for some stunning wedding portraits. I just feel like film is for capturing special moments and what will be more special than this once in a lifetime trip?!
  9. Lacy white underthings? Yes, please!
  10. You guys, I want these shoes so bad that I had a dream about them. In my dream I had found them NIB at a thrift store for three bucks. Wish that would happen in real life!
  11. Cute, comfy shorts. I don’t feel like I’m alone in the ‘I hate shorts’ boat. It’s not that I don’t love my legs (quite the opposite, actually!) I just feel like shorts are normally super uncomfortable, and never fit the right way. At the end of the summer last year I discovered the joy of non-denim shorts and I’m looking forward to finding a few more specifically for this trip.

Our wedding is sneaking up fast. It went from feeling like it was just ages away to being “oh shoooot, we need to book hotels!” Luckily, everything seems to be going really smoothly. I’m honestly not too stressed about anything.* I was in a bit of a panic about making a registry though. It sounds so dumb (and it definitely is) but finally, once and for all, coming to the conclusion we weren’t going to make a registry felt amazing.

Honestly, what do you get a couple who already lives together? We both already had all the things we needed before moving in together, and after getting our apartment, we had two! Everyone says to ask for better versions of what we have but that just seems wasteful, and totally unnecessary. Jeff couldn’t think of a single thing to put on the list, and the only thing I really want is a fancy vacuum. I can think of all sorts of random odds and ends I’d like for our trip though, hence why I made this list…

*Hahaha! JK! Everything is stressful. More wedding talk soon, I promise! Check out the ‘wedding‘ tag if you want to read more right now.

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