east cleveland abandoned factory

by Kaylah Stroup

abandoned ohio

Four years ago I first shared photos of this abandoned factory located on the east side of Cleveland. Built in 1917, it became one of the largest machine-tool manufacturers in the United States. Eventually the company began to suffer due to competition, the recession, and corporate inefficiencies. They restructured, cut the workforce in half and continued to have lots of ups and downs for the remainder of their years. Eventually in 2002, the factory was completely abandoned after years of only a portion of the building being utilized.

A few weekends ago I finally went back and reshot the building. While a good portion of the 570,000-square-foot building is full of trash (literally FULL of trash! Between 30,000 and 40,000 tons of it!!) there are still so many photo opportunities. The wood brick flooring that has expanded and made waves across the ground. The old computers, piled up on the second floor. The peeling paint! What would definitely be a health hazard in the summer heat sure is beautiful in the cooler months.

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