nail round up II

Sally Hansen Barely Blue Bell, Sally Hansen Tidal Wave + Wet N Wild Power Outage

Sally Hansen Gray by Gray + ILNP Mega

I already owned a holographic nail polish so immediately after purchasing ILNP’s Mega I was like “Oh, you turd. Why’d you waste your money!?” Then I painted my nails with it and completely changed my tune! It is AMAZING. This paint job doesn’t really do the polish justice, although you can kind of get an idea of how colorful it is on my pointer finger. It’s just such a wildly colorful polish, especially in direct sunlight. You have to go look at the review photos. I’m hooked already. I can’t wait to buy some of their other colors (especially Cameo! The best way I can describe how it looks is the prettiest beetle you’ve ever seen…)

China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, Zoya Kelly, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Slick Slate, Nature Republic Karu, Layla Mercury Twilight + Scotch Expressions washi tape

OBSESSED with these nails. This was my first time in a very long time using taping as a design element. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Doing something different on each nail is easily one of my favorite things. It’s just so relaxing to kind of play around and freestyle like this.

palate polish, nail art, nail blogger

Palate Polish Eggplant, Nature Republic White + scotch tape


I’ve got a hashtag over on instagram#kaylahsfancynails – if you’d like to see some peeks before my round up posts go live.
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  • Those are so pretty! I want the same nails!!! I wished you would give us a quick tutorial on how to make these. I know you said you wouldn’t in your previous nail post, but I still ask… Who knows?!! Please, please, please 😉

    • I was juuuust thinking about this today! How detailed of a tutorail do you want? Step by step photos?

      Definitely open to the option more than I was in the past! 🙂

      • Hi! Any kind of tutorial is good I think. Maybe step by step is a bit too much (and too much work for you!). I was thinking more of how you’re achieving the designs you rock on those pictures and which are the tolls you used, if any. Actually I loooove the post you did about nail stickers (that’s exactly the kind of “tutorial” I was hoping for!). That’s very useful and, to me, that’s enough information I need right in that post (+ the nail polishes you used in this post, so I can see which brand is more suitable for this kind of design). Thanks 🙂