photo diary – first hike of spring 2018

by Kaylah Stroup

Spring is here! Well, it’s trying at least.

I’m definitely one of those people who just barely scrapes by each winter. I just can’t stand being cooped up. I don’t like being cold, and the lack of sunshine is ROUGH for me. So, as soon as Spring starts to show it’s pretty face, I get pumped! Klaus gets to go on more walks, I opt to take my bike downtown instead of my car, and we usually celebrate the changing season by taking a few chilly hikes with my parents.

There’s something really special about those first few hikes of the new season. It’s magical seeing everything coming back to life. New plants working their way up through the leaves and debris from last fall. Birds chirping and my favorite spring noise, peepers! It’s just a good feeling. I cherish those hikes. I always end up taking lots of photos, I think in an effort to soak it all up better.

I LOVE these photos!

Here’s to many more days spent outside. Spring, I am so happy you’re back!

Past year’s first hikes of the season – 2014 + 2015

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