babbleboxx unboxing – her health month

by Kaylah Stroup

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BabbleBoxx is a curated sample box that gets sent to influencers. Last week I got my very first one, and the theme couldn’t have been more perfect* for me right now. May is Women’s Health Month, the box was themed accordingly.

It works out wonderfully because I am feeling more inspired than ever to get my body moving before the wedding next month. I’m not necessarily trying to change the way I look, just trying to feel better and be stronger. I made it my goal to move more and really take care of myself this month. My box was full of items to help me do that a little bit better.

Inside my BabbleBox was…

Zenni UV Blue Blockers. If you haven’t heard of them yet, Zenni offers prescription glasses online for a really great price. In this box I received a pair of their blue blocker glasses which help block blue light. Too much blue light exposure can cause tired eyes, headaches, and blurred vision. (Literally all problems I have from staring at my computer all day long!) I haven’t been wearing them long enough to notice a difference but I’m excited to see if they help.

Aside from that, the pair I received are super cute! When I opened them I thought they’d definitely be too small but to my surprise they look adorable. Probably doesn’t hurt that they’re hot pink!!

Obviously, it goes without saying, if you’re in the market for new glasses keep Zenni in mind. Their prices are super affordable and they have lots of great styles. I’ve got my eyes on this pair. Just waiting until I get an updated prescription in a month and then I’ll definitely be grabbing some!

The Myth Of A Nice Girl by Fran Hauser. Described as ‘A candid guide for ambitious women who want to succeed without losing themselves in the process.’ It has really great reviews (nearly all five stars on Amazon!) I’m always down read a book about female empowerment! I haven’t had a chance to read this yet, I’m saving it for our flight, but I am super excited to start!

Champion Absolute Mesh Sports Bra. Moisture wicking + compression for moderate support! I actually think this might be my first compression sports bra and holy smokes, it feels amazing. So much more comfortable to jog in than anything else I own.

Fits true to size. (I’m wearing a large.)

AfterShokz: Trekz Air. Not going to lie, when I saw headphones in the box I wasn’t too jazzed. I hate sticking things in my ears and I also don’t like feeling cut off from the world. These don’t go in your ears though, and they don’t sit on top of them either (something else I’ve always thought was uncomfortable.) The Trekz Air headphones are open ear headphones which means they deliver music through your cheekbones. They’re amazing; lightweight, super comfortable, great sound. I’m hooked! I never thought I could like headphone this much. I’ve really been digging these while on my daily walks with Klaus!

PS You can get $30 off your Trekz Air until June 30th with code KAYLAH30.

Chesapeake Bay Candle: Mind & Body (in peace + tranquility.) I love candles. Period. If I’m home, there’s at least one burning. I’ve been through so many of them I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur so please don’t take it lightly when I say this one has worked it’s way into my top five. It smells so clean, and so fresh. I have it sitting on my desk beside me, the window is open blowing in a warm breeze and multiple times I’ve thought “goodness, the spring air smells so lovely” only to realize nope, that’s the candle! Soy wax blend candles, poured in the USA, infused with natural essential oils – what could be better!?

There are a handful of other scents from Chesapeake Bay’s Mind & Body line aaaand I think it goes without saying I need to try them all, especially since they’re so affordable.

Pure Synergy: Organic Beet Juice Powder & Turmeric Extract. Jeff watched me as I opened this box and the second he saw the beet juce powder he was all “Oh man! Beet juice! So good for you!!!” Beet juice powder supports a healthy heart and circulatory system as well as healthy liver function. I’ve been putting a little bit in my orange juice each morning. It’s pretty darn tasty.

Tumeric Extract is great for great for after workout healing of inflamed muscles. It also helps with cognitive function and healthy digestion as well as a laundry list of other things. It comes in pill form so it’s been easy for me to remember to take it every day. Feels good to be proactive!

15% discount with code: PureSynergyPartner


Have you tried any of these items? I think my favorite have to be those headphones. Seriously such a smart + safe product to be able to listen to music while not making you oblivious to what’s going on around you.

*Actually, I received a second box that I’ll be sharing more about on the blog in another week that was bridal themed. So clearly these two boxes put together are basically everything I need from here until the wedding!

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