the little things

by Kaylah Stroup

Since the moment Klaus came into my life I’ve been sharing little updates on how he’s been getting along with the cats. Perhaps that’d be better worded as ‘how the cats are getting along with him.” He’s always wanted to be friends but Squid and Professor have been a little resistant. I thought maybe it’d take six months or a year but never did I think it’d take five years!

We’ve had tons of major progress since moving into this apartment at the beginning of 2017 though. Over the weekend we had a pretty awesome lil thing happen…

I walked into the living room from my office and spotted THIS beautiful sight. Jeff was sitting on the couch too but on the complete opposite site, not in contact with either animal. That makes this only the second time I’ve caught them cuddling alone and definitely the time with the most contact. My jaw dropped when I saw them. Jeff was instantly ‘What’s wrong? What happened?!’ ‘Look at THEM!’ I squeaked.

In the past Professor probably would have scurried away when I got out the camera and started taking photos of the two of them together but instead he stayed, and rolled around a bit. I nearly lost my mind when he stretched and put his tiny feet on Klaus’ back.

I am so in love with these two and their budding friendship. The cuddling was obviously cute but Klaus’ brand new red collar matching Professor’s red bowtie really took it over the top for me.

I can’t believe it’s taken SO long for this progress but I am HERE FOR IT.

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Cute photos from their last caught on camera cuddle session here.

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