8 years with Professor

by Kaylah Stroup

Friday, July 6th, marked eight whole years with Professor! Hard to believe it’s been so long since this baby wandered into my life. At the same time, it feels like he’s always been a part of it.

If you haven’t been around since he first showed up (which wow! hi! crazy if you have!) here’s a little bit of a recap for you – My parents live in the middle of nowhere, and one evening my mom spotted the tiniest little Siamese kitty walking in the driveway. Knowing that was my dream cat, she scooped him up and brought him over to my house so I could say hi and take some pictures before taking him to her boss at the time who had a cat rescue. Basically, everyone in my family knows that if you see a cute animal, you better tell Kaylah because she’ll want to take pictures of it.

A day or two after I met Professor. He was SO sick!

I was falling in love from the second I saw him but had no intention of bringing another cat into my life. After hanging out with him for a day it was time to take him up to where my mom worked to give him to her boss. After getting there, I texted my mom to see where she was. She responded she had the day off and to just go find her boss. I think this might have been the only time in my life when being shy actually worked in my favor. I decided to take him home with me because there was noooo way I was going to talk to her boss all alone. On the way home I stopped off at my parents to chat with my mom and it was there I made the decision to keep him. Clearly, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

There’s not really much to say about this wild little kitten that I haven’t already said before. He’s an absolute angel. I firmly believe he could turn even the biggest cat hater into a fan if given the chance.

I clearly spoiled him as a kitten because this little dude is a fool for cuddling. There’s no place he’d rather be than on mine or Jeff’s chest. He loves to rub his super sharp fangs on our chins. Honestly, he’s a pretty aggressive cuddler. Sometimes it’s a tiiiiny bit annoying but it really is the sweetest. It’s clear he loves his humans. Whenever I hear people talk about cats being independent, I just want to chime in ‘heh, guess you’ve never met my cat!’

He’s the most talkative cat I’ve ever met and has a huge range of sounds. It’s a pretty regular occurrence for Jeff and I to be shocked at a strange noise that comes out of this tiny fuzzball. Over the weekend he made a noise that sounded like it came from a bird! Neither of us can mimic it but we can’t stop talking about it.

He loves to chase light. Rainbows, light from the disco ball, and even shadows from the fridge are all fair game. Really, running, in general, is a big hobby of his. Professor’s evening ritual includes zooming back and forth across the house at full speed, squeaking up a storm.

He’s a ham for photos. Easily the most fun photography subject I’ve ever come across. Somehow I’m always able to catch the funny faces he makes. Choosing only a few for this post was hard.

Professor almost always comes when you call him. The list of names he answers to is huge but some popular ones include ‘Beans’, ‘Beanie Baby’, ‘Beepers’, ‘Butter Beans’, and ‘Lil Cat’. Basically, if you say something in a baby voice, he’ll come running.

Here’s to many more years with you, Professor. I don’t know how I got so lucky but I’m sure glad you’re mine.

If you’d like to see more photo of this wild little kitten, you should follow his Instagram – @fessermakesfaces.

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