earlobe reconstruction – one year update

by Kaylah Stroup

It’s been one whole year since I got my earlobes reconstructed!

I had definitely planned to write so much more about the whole experience. Before getting it done, I pictured monthly updates after a couple initial posts about the procedure. I had trouble finding first-hand accounts on earlobe reconstruction and wanted to change that. Ya know, make it easier for other folks doing research. When it came right down to it though, there wasn’t much to say. The whole process was just so easy. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely hurt, and it cost a lot of money but overall, it was pretty uneventful.

I shared a post back in October of 2017 with lots of photos from shortly after it was done, my reasons for doing it, and a bit about the procedure. Read that here. Then four months later I shared a second update with more healing photos and info on how they were healing up. Read that here. Now I’m back one year after the initial surgery to update ya again. Spoiler alert, there isn’t too much to say. 

before – 38mm

the second day after surgery

one month after surgery

four months after surgery

six months after surgery

six months – finally pierced!

Not much has changed since my four-month update. Although visible in photos – because you’re literally staring and looking for imperfections! – I never notice the scars. They’ve faded so much in the past few months. My ears also feel completely normal. I know I mentioned in a previous post that the scars were a bit sensitive but I can’t even feel them anymore. They’re now soft (thanks to Bio-Oil which I massaged on them religiously!) Honestly, it’s like they’ve always been this way. It’s hard for me to imagine that they were ever stretched, especially so large!

I was so nervous before getting it done. I was very attached to my stretched lobes. I’d had them for over half my life, and like my hair, they were a huge part of my identity at least I thought so. Sometimes I forget they’re not still stretched. I still experience a brief moment of panic when I think I haven’t taken out my wood plugs before hopping in the shower. Every once in a while I’ll try to the shoulder bump to check if I have my plugs in for the day and feel panicked that I forgot to put them in before leaving the house. It’s wild how ingrained those little habits were.

Not once have I regretted the decision though. I am SO happy with the results. It was worth every penny, and every ounce of pain. I would do it over in a heartbeat.

Aside from the scars being less visible, the other big change in the last few months is that I got them repierced. John, who did the reconstruction, said to wait six months before thinking about getting them repierced. If the scars were soft enough, I could go for it. I was basically counting down the days until six months!

They were cute before they were pierced and now with the addition of all of the ridiculous earrings I’ve collected, they’re even more adorable!

Beetle earrings can be found here! They’re under $20!

I’m aware I’m a bit of a broken record at this point but I’m just so pleased with how my ears healed! If it’s something you’re even remotely considering, I recommend going for it. The idea of reconstruction seems so scary but it’s 100% worth it!

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