Friday Favorites #486

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This patch!

(via Eradura)

Kitty undies! Ohhh Lulu also has the pattern in different cuts if you prefer another style.

(via Ohhh Lulu)

It’s officially cozy sweater weather and I am EXCITED.

(via Amazon)

This toasty looking coat is adorable! Love the little specks of color.

(via Modcloth)

I am wildly in love with Amy Earles’ work! How precious is this print?!

(via Wool & Water)

I’ve got a major crush on those leaves! (You can buy online + it’s not expensive!)

(via Amazon)

This candle sounds amazing.

(via AtoZ Candles)

A little update here; I featured this adorable scalloped dress in my Friday Favorites a few weeks ago…

It is SO cute in person and is perfect paired with black knee-high socks!

Digging this pin!

(via Pam Wishbow)

A sweater with cat elbow patches! YESSS! They clearly don’t quite sit on your elbows but still very cute.

(via Amazon)

I’m obsessed with this dress. The print, the color and the cut!? It’s basically perfect.

(via Modcloth)

Aren’t these moth rings lovely!?

(via Nancy Edwards Jewelry)

Link love…

Happy Friday!

PS. I have a ton more rad finds here

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