Friday Favorites #487

by Kaylah Stroup
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This moon lamp! Oh my! (Available for a bit cheaper here!)

(via Urban Outfitters)

Bat cat!

(via Modcloth)

This dress! Yes, please! Under $30 and available on Prime so it’ll be to you in no time!

(via Amazon)

Diggin this pin big time.

(via Gnat and Rat)

This pin! Also comes in red!

(via Serious About)

A little something to shock your house guests.

(via Creature Cups)

Black velour overalls! So perfect for fall! They’d look excellent paired with this striped turtleneck.

(via Amazon)

Ain’t that the truth! Also available in patch form!

(via Ahoy Kollektiv)

I dig these tapestries!

(left, right)

This spiderweb rug is so cute ( & 100% acceptable all year round!)

(via Sourpuss)

These shirts are ridiculous and amazing!

(swan / cat)

Link love…

  • This collection of pet costumes is pretty fantastic. Definitely worth a peek if you need a smile. My favorite is the ram.
  • I am positively obsessed with this sweet little pumpkin. I’m trying so hard to curate a very specific set of holiday decor pieces. Ya know, things I truly enjoy seeing each season. I feel like that guy fits the bill.
  • They no longer carry the print I have but this blanket is seriously perfect. It’s warm, super soft + big enough for Jeff & I to cuddle under on the couch. According to the review I left, looks like I’ve had it for about a year. Still very very happy!
  • Yeah, I’m here showing off another striped shirt. Are you even surprised? But at least this one is unique!
  • I’ve been eyeing up this bat costume. Not for Halloween but like for every day wear around the house…
  • Does your kitty need a propellor hat? Yeah, I thought so too!

Happy Friday!

PS. I have a ton more rad finds here! This week I spent a bunch of time updating the Halloween list! So many cute odds + ends. Here’s a small preview…