life lately

by Kaylah Stroup


It’s October so you’re dang right we’ve been watching horror movies. We watched The Witch which I enjoyed, a lot. It was very haunting. The movie started a little slow, in my opinion, but the last half hour was pretty action packed.

We also watched The Endless which I really really enjoyed. I hate when people compare movies because I feel as if it’s misleading, like you’re going to go into expecting the same thing BUT The Endless reminds me of a mix between Wristcutters and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It’s not really like either of those two things but had some similarities that made it way cool to me. I actually wouldn’t mind watching it again. It’s currently on Netflix but here’s a trailer for ya!

Last night’s movie was The Ritual (also on Netflix). Not really what I expected but it certainly got a few good jumps from me. I also had to tuck my feet up under the blanket so nothing could grab my feet. Hah! A solid movie choice if you’re making it a point to watch spooky stuff this month like we are.

Loving Adam Ruins Everything right now. The commercials for it were kind of annoying when it was on television but when I actually gave it chance I tore through all that was on Netflix in just a few days. Wildly informative and exactly the kind of stuff I’m interested in learning. I kind of feel bad for thinking the commercials were annoying now. Maybe they were just on a lot?

On a similar note, Hot Date is hilarious and amazing. I also finished that in no time flat. I’m just really into Emily Axford right now, okay? She’s very funny.


I’ve been playing Snake Pass on the Xbox One. It appeals to me because it’s bright, colorful and has levels that are fairly quick to beat (meaning I don’t have to dedicate a ton of time in one sitting to playing) Games like this are definitely more my style than the majority of games that popular for Xbox.

Jeff has been playing Layers of Fear. Okay, he only played once but for quite a bit of time. When he went to play again the game had apparently not saved and I’ve been trying to get him to start over again for like two weeks. I grew up with two big brothers so I actually enjoy watching people play video games. This game was a little dark (literally, not like scary dark) for me to play but watching him play was a blast. It’s so much different than all the other games I know. Theres lots to discover and explore. Fingers crossed I can convince him to give it another go!

Check out this post for more Xbox talk.


▴ Cuddly Squid! We’ve begun to notice a pattern when the cool weather comes around each year, Squid turns into a major cuddle bug. During the summer, I’m honestly not really sure where she sleeps but as soon as it starts to cool off she’ll join us in bed in the evenings for movie time and end up staying in the same spot until morning. Any time I sit down, she’s near me trying to find the best spot to curl up. It’s the best.
▴ Evening walks with friends around the neighborhood. Can fall just last forever?
▴ Doodling on my iPad. Back in August, Jeff got me an iPad for my birthday. Still kind of peeing my pants with excitement over that! I downloaded the (free!) app Sketchbook and have basically just been doodling ever since. It’s very relaxing. I’m enjoying having a creative outlet that is 100% just for fun. Also fun? Drawing really really awful portraits of my friends and family. Maybe someday after drawing one thousand bad portraits I’ll be decent at drawing people but for now, drawing comically bad ones is fine by me. I’ve laughed myself to tears more than once.
▴ Cooking + baking. Who am I? It’s not that I ever hated either of those things but recently they’ve become super common for me to actually do and it feels great! Right now my current favorite thing I’ve made is probably the easiest and least fancy – cinnamon no bake cookies. SO GOOD!
▴ The beach, even more so than normal. I posted about it already earlier in the week but I’m just feeling very thankful for Lake Erie recently. Sitting by the water and listening to the waves come in is so relaxing.

What’s new with you? Any movie recommendations? New hobbies you’re loving? I wanna hear about them.

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