TDS shop – one week in!

It has been six full days since I relaunched The Dainty Squid shop and what a week it has been!

The response blew all of my expectations out of the water. I am still over the moon about all of the orders I got to ship out, especially now that some of those people are beginning to post photos on social media. (Oh my gosh, I can’t even explain how happy that makes me!) I’m flattered, excited, and even more inspired than ever!

The second round of mail that went out! 

I thought going into the launch that I had a lot in stock that it’d last me for a bit buuut that was not the case. I spent my week sewing my butt off trying to play catch up. That means today I listed a whole bunch of new items in new fabrics AND introduced a new size.

In The Dainty Squid’s last life, I called this size ‘cosmetics pouch’ but I’m going with ‘flat bottom pouch’ this time around. They’re roomy, they stand on their own, and holy smokes, they are cute. Right now there are only a few in stock but I have plans to expand the number of fabrics I make them in and make a larger size as well.

Look at those scissors! Also, that fabric glows in the dark! I am very excited about it.

Just a short and sweet post today but I do have plans to share more behind the scene peeks in the future and give a bit more warning about shop updates. I really had no idea what a wild week it’d be after opening up shop. (THANK YOUUUU!)

Check out all the new pouches here.

Please refer to product listings for the most accurate colors. The photos in this post have been edited more to fit my photography style than to properly represent colors.

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