The Dainty Squid v2.0 is open!

Today’s the day! The Dainty Squid 2.0 is live!

I’ve been working my tail off trying to get everyting photographed and listed in time. I knew I had made a lot of items but I didn’t realize I had made just over 100 listings worth. A lot of the pouches I made doubles of right off the bat since I hoped they’d sell quickly which means I’ve sewn up 150+ items in the past month. It feels great!

This little baby is my pride and joy of the reopening! This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten custom fabric printed but it is the first time I have ever drawn something that I got printed. I’m over the moon about how it turned out. My denture drawing translated really well to fabric, the print is crisp and bright. I’m just so pleased. I also had the pattern printed in a slightly different size specifically for coin pouches which turned out equally as awesome.

I’m hoping in the future to get more custom fabrics made, maybe even more that I’ve drawn. Drawing certainly isn’t my strong suit but, fingers crossed, with more practice maybe I’ll start to get a firmer grasp of it.

More favorites below! One of a kind patchwork pouches with faux leather zipper pulls.

Another highlight of the relaunch is releasing two new styles of pouches. Boxy pen pouches and boxy coin pouches. They’re the same basic concept but two very different sizes. Each has a d-ring on both sides of the zipper so you can attach it to your keys or to the inside of your bag. It also gives you something to grab on to while you zip and unzip. I love them.

Wooo! I’m so happy to finally be sharing all this and getting back in the groove of sewing regularly. I’m excited for the what the future holds.

Check it all out here.

Please refer to product listings for the most accurate colors. The photos in this post have been edited more to fit my photography style than to properly represent colors.

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