abandoned mattress factory

Last Saturday we woke up early for a little morning adventure. We’re trying to get better about getting out of the house and exploring more. Especially in this weather, it’s too easy to be lazy and spend your days inside.

Our first stop of the day was an abandoned mattress factory on the east side of Cleveland. This factory is one I’ve been in before, although last time I only left with a couple photos I liked. (You can find the single shot I shared in this post.) Needless to say, I was happy to go back and come away with lots of photos that I love. Abandoned factories aren’t my favorite. I mean, I won’t say ‘no’ to an abandoned building. BUT they can feel a bit repetitive. I don’t have a personal connection with factories. I’ve never worked in one nor have I even been in one that wasn’t abandoned. Most of the time they’re completely empty and to me, the most exciting thing in abandoned buildings are the things left behind. This factory has two things that make it a bit more exciting for me though…

First, the buckling floors.

In abandoned buildings when the floor does this we call it a whale. Ya know, like there is a whale under the floor. I tried googling that and found nothing so….? The ones in this building are the best I’ve ever seen in person.

The second thing making this building interesting to me is… trash.

Yup. Trash. This building is fairly close this factory which has had issues with illegal dumping in the past. (Between 30,000 and 40,000 tons!!) So it comes as no surprise this one has a bit of dumping problem as well. The trash inside and around this building is different though. Massive piles of shredded paper, files, and stickers. The piles outside have been exposed to the weather so long that they’ve essentially become solid lumps.

Empty factory or not, I still enjoy getting out early in the morning with my friends and taking photos.

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  • I love your abandoned building adventures so much!! your edits are super cool; dark and sharp – I guess kinda like the places themselves! Always appreciate when you post ’em! 🙂

  • I love when I find bones! Is it weird that my favorite shot from this post is the one of the lump of paper and the trains. Just a great perspective of something normally overlooked.