six things I loved in January

by Kaylah Stroup

Maidenform ‘tap pants’. Let’s call these what they are, booty shorts. They’re super comfortable and gosh darn it, they look good. For under $20, you basically can’t go wrong with them. I like them so much I even ordered a second pair in another color with a matching top. Sexy/comfy is my favorite!

foldio3 + halo bars lightbox. For the relaunch of the Dainty Squid shop, I wanted an easy way to photograph products. In the past, I had a little homemade set up with posterboard and two OttLites. The thing with that was I had a specific place built in my office that it worked. It wasn’t something I could move around. My office these days isn’t as large and I wasn’t sure where I’d set up a photo area or if it was something I would be able to leave set up all the time. I wanted something I could easily tear down when I was done with it for the day.

I hunted around the internet looking for the best lightboxes but couldn’t really decide. Everything seemed to have some huge negative. Then I stumbled upon the foldio3… The foldio3 is ranked by many photography websites as the absolute best of the best. It’s a bit pricey so I really took my time on this decision but ultimately couldn’t get my mind off it or find anything that even came close to being as awesome looking.

I’m very pleased with my decision to splurge. It’s super easy to set up and tear down. (It’s just magnets!) The lights are adjustable, super bright, and easily replaceable if they burn out. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Perfect for any small business owner looking for an easy lighting set up.

Moon mousepad. My old mousepad was gross. I needed a new one. This one is adorable and super cheap. That is all!

Moon PopSocket. Okay, but for real, why did no one ever tell me how amazing PopSockets are!? I asked for one for Christmas because I was curious about them but didn’t really want to buy one myself. (Don’t get me wrong, they’re cheap but I wasn’t super sure I’d love it.) Anyway, it was love from the second I put that bad boy on my phone. It’s just so much easier to hold on to your phone and it’s fun to play with. I ended up getting a new phone in the middle of the month and subsequently needed a new case. A new PopSocket was the first thing I ordered after the case! I will never not have one on my phone from now on.

Raise Hell Eat Tacos shirt. Love love love this shirt! It’s soft, it’s comfortable, and it fits well. It actually sold out after I linked to it over on Instagram but its still available in a tank top, a gray t-shirt, and a patch. The company who makes it, Pyknic, sells all sorts of great food-related clothing items!

Exercise bike. It feels very cliche to say I got an exercise bike for Christmas and started improving my fitness in the new year BUT I don’t care one bit because holy smokes, I feel amazing.

I started riding consistently the second week of January and I’ve ridden every day since for at least 20 minutes per day. I have literally never felt better in my entire life. I have so much more energy than I did before and my body image is through the roof. Obviously, this is what I hoped for with getting an exercise bike, I just didn’t expect the results to be this dramatic nor did I expect to like riding as much as I do.

I think the key to working out consistently is to actually find something you enjoy. I liked yoga but I dreaded doing it every day. I enjoy running but after hurting my ankle back in October I still haven’t felt confident enough to get back out there (as in – ugh, my darn ankle still gives me problems!) But every day I actually look forward to my bike ride. I love sweating it out and starting my day on a positive note. I feel so accomplished. I’ve even gotten Jeff hooked on it too!

What great new things did you try in January?

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