abandoned trailer park 2019

by Kaylah Stroup

Four years ago Jeff and I discovered what would quickly become one of my most favorite abandoned places. This former vacation hot spot is a place we visit nearly every year, and some times more than once. Colorful trailers and cozy cottages line a small overgrown road. Each one filled with personal items. It’s like one day everyone just left and never came back.

Despite having visited so many times it always feels so new and exciting!

One of the most shocking differences this visit was how overgrown it was. Our very first visit was in March of 2015. It was still technically winter so it was quite barren. I remember being completely enthralled by the line of brightly colored trailers. When we returned in June of the same year I was shocked at how grown up it was. The green of the leaves was overwhelming. I even noted in a post from that visit that toward the end of the road there were some trailers so completely overgrown with trees, and other plants if you weren’t specifically looking for them you could easily miss them.

This visit was similar, I was overwhelmed by the growth except there were no leaves. Small trees have started growing into something a bit more substantial. Most of the small cabins near the front of the property were actually hard to get into. My winter jacket and double layer of pants protected me not only from the cold but from the briars. Squeezing my way into some of those spots in a tshirt and shorts seems unthinkable. I also imagine that once the leaves make a return most of the cabins will be nearly invisible.

The trailer park is the only spot I can think of that I’ve ever been where after visiting so many times I still feel like there is tons more to shoot. I never leave feeling completely satisfied. There’s always something more I could have looked at, another door I could have went through. This basically guarantees that each visit I find some new detail I absolutely love and wonder how I could have possibly missed it before. (The made bed a couple of shots above caught my attention this time.)

This chair though! I’ve been taking a photo of it every time we go just to document its decay. It’s barely recognizable these days. When summer comes around again it’ll probably go missing in the tall grass.

Until next time, trailer park.

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