what I wore – coffee date

by Kaylah Stroup
Kaylah Stroup

Long time, no see, eh?

I have really missed taking outfit photos! Now that the weather is starting to get a bit more agreeable here in Ohio, it feels like a good time to get back into the groove of it.

Jeff shot these for me early Saturday morning before our weekly coffee date. We’ve been talking a lot about moving lately. Where is kind of up in the air. (I mean, definitely still the same general area since he has a great job here.) We both want a yard, Klaus deserves one, and a bit more space. We very quickly became painfully aware of how much further our dollar would stretch outside the city though. There’s a possibility we just stay in our same apartment for a few more years – try hard to save and take more time to consider what we really need in a home. At the same time, we could also buy a house in the country sometime in this year or next. It feels like change is coming. Luckily, we’re both very much on the same page about it all. It consumes so much of our conversations. It’s exciting, scary, and I think we’d both kind of want to fast-forward to a decision – city or country, buy or rent.

All that to say, I’m making sure to treasure every second in the city these days, especially our coffee dates. I didn’t grow up in walking distance of anything so I’m still quite chuffed to live so close to so many things. Our apartment is just around the block from what has become our favorite weekend morning hangout spot. I love waking up and walking to get coffee with my husband. (All parts of that sentence seem unthinkable to teenage Kaylah.) It’s my favorite thing right now. The weekends that we don’t make it happen feel like something is missing, like we didn’t quite celebrate the weekend correctly.

outfit details – beret, sunglasses, coat, dress, tights, shoes (c/o Modcloth)


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