hair dye diaries – green to fiery orange!

by Kaylah Stroup

Say ‘goodbye’ to green & a bit fat ‘hello!’ to this fiery orange!

Arctic Fox Sunset Orange & cosmic sunshine

After three whole years of green hair, I’m finally back in the hair dye game! Seems a little funny to act like having green hair is boring but going three years without any big hair changes is definitely out of character for me. What can I say? I really loved green. I still love green and I look forward to going green again someday BUT I was bored.

I had a couple moments during the fading process that I questioned what I was doing and why I’d want to change my hair but I had already mentioned my intention to change up my hair. Y’all keep me accountable!

The Dainty Squid orange hair
Kaylah Stroup orange hair
Arctic Fox Sunset Orange, Arctic Fox Cosmic Sunshine
dainty squid orange hair

Supplies used – (affiliate links)

If you use Honey, you can almost always find a coupon for Sally’s! (The morning I bought dye, it found one for me that brought the total down another $6.80!)

Something else exciting to add – I made a video for this hair transformation! For basically all big hair changes I’ve done a corresponding blog post but I like the idea of documenting it a bit further. It should help show the true process a bit better and it’ll help keep records of what each step looks like. Plus you get to see me look like a bleach gremlin!

Even as someone who has dyed my hair basically every color, I still get nervous about how it’ll turn out. I think it’ll be really rad to have this to look back on like ‘okay, the green didn’t truly bleach out but look what I ended up with when I used this specific combination of colors on top of that.’ Ya know? I’m just very excited about this video!

Side note; y’all, I did not realize how weird it felt to talk to the camera. I think it’s kind of fun to watch how awkward I look in the first few clips compared to later in the video. It definitely took me some time to find my footing. I’m looking forward to growing more in my video skills and knowledge!

I’m excited to rock this orange/red combo for a while but perhaps even more excited to no longer be stuck with green. As I said, I loved green but I kind of got a little too attached to it. I can’t wait to experiment with new color combinations in the next few months. xoxo

You can find tips & guides in my hair master post – including Bleaching your hair 101, 7 tips for maintaining bright hair color, Two tips for switching hair colors easily. & so much more!

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