hair dye vs saltwater pool!

by Kaylah Stroup
faded orange Arctic Fox, does saltwater fade hair dye

Guess who just got back from a road trip! ME! My very first cross county road trip. Instead of flying out west and then renting a car, we drove the whole way. It was rad. I have approximately one million photos to share and stories to tell but that’s for another day.

Today, I want to talk hair! I’ve been dyeing my hair unnatural colors for over ten years now. In that time period, I’ve obviously been swimming a ton. I thought it’d make a fun video to show what hair looks like before and after swimming. My whole point was to show how over time if you continually went swimming it’d ruin your hair color. What I didn’t expect was for the salt water pool to strip my hair color… in under two hours!

I don’t feel like the thumbnail or the photos in this post illustrate the difference as well as the video itself does. It’s wild how red my hair looked in the first half and just how faded it is after I swam. In the video I also share some photos from the last time I went swimming in the same pool but with green hair dyed with Punky Colours.

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I think that each brand of hair dye has its good colors and bad colors. Maybe orange just isn’t Arctic Fox’s best dye but I definitely wouldn’t repurchase. (If you’re looking for a great orange – Special Effect’s Napalm is where it’s at!)

At this point, even though I have a favorite brand of hair dye (Punky Colours) I do want to experiment since so many others have hit the market the last couple years. In the future, I might buy a different color of Arctic Fox if it really stuck out to me but I’m in no rush. It definitely faded a little too quickly for me, even before the whole pool ordeal.

Arctic Fox Sunset Orange
Before swimming –
Arctic Fox Sunset Orange (Amazon / Sally Beauty)
Arctic Fox Cosmic Sunshine (Amazon / Sally Beauty)
splash of Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange (Amazon)
swimming at The Wigwam!
Arctic Fox Sunset Orange fading fast after swimming
After swimming! Oooof!

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