ohio to arizona & back

by Kaylah Stroup
Polaroid OneStep2

Last week was… epic!

Jeff and I took our annual trip to the desert except this time we did things a bit differently. Instead of flying into the cheapest city, renting a car and then roadtripping around, we drove all the way to Arizona with our friend, Jake!

Our main destination was The Wigwam, the resort in Arizona we had our wedding reception at. (Check out my post about it here. Gosh, it’s just my favorite place!) Jake originally just wanted to fly straight there and relax for a week but Jeff and I ended up convincing him that driving would be more fun.

Our approximate route. Many little detours were taken to check out fun spots.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous. That is a lot of time in the car. The more I thought about it, the more comfortable I felt though. Jeff and I always do lots and lots of driving while we’re on trips. We love to see as much as possible. The drive out there seemed overwhelming until I realized it was the same amount of driving, if not less, as we do every single year. Plus, a lot of the states we’d be going through would be ones I’d never even been before!

Undoubtedly, driving ended up being the most excellent decision. We had so much fun!!!

Apache Death Cave
Polaroid OneStep2
Painted Desert Project
Part of The Painted Desert Project. Read more about this particular piece here.
ghost town exploration

A few of the many highlights...

  • Wild horses in Wyoming! Honestly, just Wyoming, in general, was gorgeous. I’d love to get back there and explore more.
  • Exploring ghost towns upon ghost towns. Seriously, just so many stops at abandoned places. We truly hit the jackpot.
  • Visiting Two Guns again. That’s where we got married!
  • Finding a tiny reminder of my mom in an unlikely place. Obviously I’ll ya more about this in another post. I burst out crying big time.
  • Oh my gosh, best avocado toast of my life.
  • We crashed in Laramie, WY our first night and my goodness, it was precious. Here are a couple of photos from our short visit.
  • Legit nailing every polaroid I took.
  • Eating fancy chocolates in a big comfy hotel bed.
  • Coming home with video to edit! This is the first year I’ve shot vacation footage. I played around with a couple of clips on the long drive home and made this but I’m excited to finally sit down and make a vacation video.
  • Did I mention all the abandoned places? Because wow.
  • Uranus, MO!
Apache Death Cave, Two Guns
Uranus, Missouri
wild horses in Wyoming

I have so many photos to share. The task of sorting and editing them all honestly seems overwhelming right now since there are so many. I can’t wait to start sharing more of our week-long adventure though. It was a short period of time but man, oh man, we packed a ton of awesomeness into those seven days! xoxo

Check out my ‘travel‘ tag for roadtrip posts from the past!

Instant photos taken with the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2. LOVE that camera! Here’s my review on it from last summer.

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