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by Kaylah Stroup
Arctic Fox Sunset Orange + Virgin Pink

Its been around two months since I made the big change from green to orange. In that time period, I feel like I’ve had to touch up or deal with faded hair way more than normal. This is my one last hair change with Arctic Fox then I’m off to try new brands. (I say that… but honestly, I bought some Punky Colour last night and I already know it’ll treat me well.)

I very recently dyed my hair yet again with Arctic Fox’s Sunset Orange, Cosmic Sunshine + Virgin Pink. Because I am trying to now document any and all hair changes, I have a video!

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These are the colors I was really looking forward to doing the most after leaving green. I wouldn’t say it came out as expected. Maybe next time!

It feels kind of silly to continue to dye my hair with Arctic Fox when I’m so unhappy with the results. (In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have bought the 8oz bottles.) Don’t get me wrong, the initial color is GORGEOUS, although never really what the bottle shows. I still can’t believe that it covered the mess of green I was left with after bleaching but it just does not last. The fading is worse than anything I had ever tried before. Its been about a week and a half since I filmed that video and already my color is… meh.

It leaves me with such vivid color when it’s fresh that I know despite how I feel now, in a years time or so, I’ll probably convince myself to try it again. For now though, I’m excited to tuck the remainder of those bottles in the back of my cupboard and try something else.

Arctic Fox Sunset Orange + Virgin Pink
Arctic Fox Sunset Orange + Virgin Pink

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orange and pink hair

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