it’s the little things…

like sliding in the mud with my nieces and nephew!

So, I’ve had this video sitting on my computer for nearly a month now. I just kept waiting for the right time to share it. Then I finally decided I didn’t want it on my YouTube because I want my channel to be a little bit more put together than that BUT y’all, I need to share this.

When it pours the rain down, the hill at my parent’s house becomes a perfect mud slide. I’ve enjoyed sliding down it for as long as I can remember. I’ve convinced many friends and family members of all ages to join me. It’s honestly one of my absolute favorite pastimes. (I know, what a cultured woman I am! So sophisticated. Hah! I love the mud!)

A few weeks back, my brother and his family were over at my parent’s house to help work on the bus. When we took a break to grill, it started to pour. My nieces and nephew all know the drill. As soon as the rain started we exchanged knowing glances. It took some convincing for my brother to give his permission but after guilting him enough, he relented.

Losing my mom has been really rough on all of us but I can say with a great deal of confidence that it’s brought us closer. Being able to have moments like this one with the kids brings me so much comfort and joy, especially now. It’s such a release of bad energy to do something so fun. I live for moments like this. We had the best time.

I promise, as long as my body allows me, to always be the fun aunt who will say ‘yes!’ to playing, getting dirty, and doing stupid stuff with the kids.

Shot this on my GoPro, which if you’ve ever considered buying you should probably do! Having a waterproof camera is THE best. I’m so happy to finally be able to capture memories like this.

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