road tripping – abandoned gas station

by Kaylah Stroup

I’ve definitely talked about this before *ahem* but my goodness, I LOVE exploring abandoned places out west. I mean, I love abandoned places wherever. There is just something really really special about the ones you just happen to stumble upon while cruising down the road far, far away from home. It’s a huge part of what we enjoy so much about driving aimlessly around the western portion of the US and what brings us back year after year.

The first abandoned spot we stumbled upon on our big cross country road trip this summer was this gas station and trailer combo! We spotted the gas station from the highway and immediately got off at the next exit to explore.

old sign at an abandoned gas station
I mean, how can you resist an old gas station sign like this?!

Since it seemed like a chill spot (aka the likelihood of someone already being there or coming to bug us seemed low) the three of us went our separate ways to wander. I shot some exterior photos of the gas station first. It looked fairly closed up from the front with both of the windows as well as the door barred but around the back, it was wide open. Papers littered the floors and countertops inside. Invoices, deposit slips, receipts, paper signage meant for the employees and so much more scattered about!

abandoned gas station
abandoned gas station building

The trailer, on the other hand, was pretty empty. Basically just a shell of a home. Nothing particularly exceptional but still a super fun explore nonetheless.

I will note that I was impressed by the mirrors above the bathtub though.

abandoned trailer with wildflowers
abandoned trailer
SO many more abandoned boats out west compared to Ohio.
boat outside of an abandoned gas station

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Polaroid Originals OneStep2 of an abandoned gas station

taken with the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2.

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