dump digging treasures

by Kaylah Stroup
A few of the dump finds I’ve kept.

Since my first little foray into dump digging, it’s basically all I’ve thought about. There’s just something really spectacular about digging in the dirt and unearthing old things. That coupled with the fact that my nieces and nephew are also super into it makes it the most fun ever.

Our Sundays are essentially reserved for working on the bus but since we’re all hooked on finding treasure, we’ve been sneaking away to do a bit of digging. We even went in the pouring rain last weekend because we were all so anxious to get back at it.

This particular dump is just absolutely lousy with bottles. Lots of baby food jars too! We’ve gone three times total. The first was basically all bottle finds but the last two times we’ve started to uncover more unique items. A marble, a few wheat pennies, and miscellaneous figurines, to mention a few.

My nephew is in full-blown coin mode, he even brought over a sieve so he could search more efficiently. I’m honestly stoked about essentially everything we dig up but if I had to choose some things I’m most excited to find it’d be tiny bottles, marbles, and jewelry (so far no jewelry but I’ve got my fingers crossed!)

cleaning old bottles from the dump
dump digging finds
Mrs Butterworths glass bottle
Dippity Do setting gel bottle from bottle dump
old 7UP bottle
bottle dump
Some of the whole bottles we dug up that no one was interested in. We’re getting to the point where there are so many they’re in the way of finding new ones.
Not super into old soda bottles but I do love Dr Pepper!
Bayer Aspirin.
A marble!

Despite the fact we all really love finding treasure in the mud, we’re still all reasonable people who know that we can’t bring home every single neat thing we find. My dad offered up some space in the pavilion for us to display our finds. Displayed below are some of the treasures from a single trip to the dump. Needless to say, we either need to pump the brakes (no!) or find more spots to display our goodies! (yes!)

I’m excited that we have a new family hobby, aside from the bus. I foresee lots of muddy adventures in our future.

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