Friday Favorites #547

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Cat loaf!

This shirt! (Also available as a patch!)

Aren’t these shoes so cute?!

I… I don’t know y’all but I got a good giggle out of this toilet planter.

LOVE this dress!

Oh, I just adore this kitty mug.

This Victorian mourning gift box is like the coolest thing ever. Honestly, if that intrigues you at all, you have to check out their whole shop!

This rug!

Love this embroidery piece.

These handmade earrings!

Yet another super cute mug. I just love anything with a face!

How cute is this bat print!?

Link love…

  • This starry dress!! It’s also majorly on sale right now.
  • I bought this dress earlier in the week. I am so excited to wear it – even if it is totally out of season!
  • I just keep coming back to this dress. Fitted like that normally isn’t my jam but I love the cut.
  • I guess technically you could put a photo under any clear phone case but this one specifically designed for that is super neat.
  • Just some raccoon socks because I love raccoons!
  • This dachshund wine bottle holder is the cutest.

Lastly, because it fits with the black theme this week, this moon phase key fob!

Happy Friday! xoxo

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