hair dye diaries – blue to purple

by Kaylah Stroup

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from blue

to purple!

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That’s just a massive mix of everything that was in my bathroom cupboard! Basically, I made three mixes – one with the pinks, one with dark purples and one with lighter purples.

Another hair video… with another fail in the middle. So, honestly, the little mess in the middle of the process somehow doesn’t look that bad in the video. It looks rather pretty. Real-life though? Ooof. See? Sooo splotchy! I kept it for a few days before taking the photo below and realizing how terrible it looked.

Here’s a link to the skeleton jammies! They’re super cheap because they’re ‘out of season’. Hah!

It turned out beautiful in the end though! I still think it might be a bit dark for my tastes but I do love all the different shades of purple. I think I’ll definitely grow to love it once it fades a bit.

You can find tips & guides in my hair master post – including Bleaching your hair 101, 7 tips for maintaining bright hair color, Two tips for switching hair colors easily. & so much more! I also have a handful of hair videos on my YouTube channel.

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