things I loved in February

by Kaylah Stroup

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Patterned sheer socks. I don’t know what it is about this style of sock but I am obsessed. Over the years I’ve owned a couple of the polka-dotted pairs but when I saw this set of five I had to order them. They are SO cute in person. I love the way they look, fit and feel.

For reference, I wear a size 8 shoe & the socks fit like a glove. If you have really tiny or really large fit these might not be for you since they don’t have much stretch.

Rit Dye (purple). This was my first time dyeing an item of clothing and holy cow, I may have found a new obsession!

I had this white shirt from my favorite band, Man Man, that I had to have because I loved the silly design but when it comes right down to it – I hate white shirts. They don’t look good with my skin tone. I inevitably stain them. Also, I don’t own a white bra to wear with them. Needless to say, this shirt wasn’t getting much wear time.

I made a spur of the moment decision to toss it in some dye and wowowow it’s perfect. It took basically no time at all too. I can’t wait to find something else to dye.

PS. I posted a quick video of the process here.

Dog planter. I just couldn’t resist. In order to give all my plants a more cohesive look in my home, I only use black, white or black and white planters. This fits the bill! So happy I happened to stumble across it.

It should be noted that I did have to drill a hole in the bottom of the pot which is no big deal. I use this drill bit (and totally plan on writing a post about it soon!) but if you’re not comfortable doing that and want drainage, you might wanna pass on this little cutie.

Backlit mechanical keyboard. I posted about this in my Friday Favorites a little while back but I am still not over it. Jeff originally bought a similar one for himself. While he was at work it arrived, he said that I could try it out on my computer aaaand I was hooked instantly. I didn’t want to give it back.

He ended up buying me this one because I wouldn’t stop talking about his. It is PERFECT. First of all, mechanical keyboards are so much more fun to type on. Secondly, the colors! It’s so vibrant. It even has 18 different modes. My favorite is the one in the GIF above where it just kind of cycles through the colors.

I can’t tell you how much I love typing on this thing. Replacing boring things with fun ones especially ones that light up! is the best.

Goodthreads High Rise Skinny Jeans. I’ve actually had these jeans for a couple of months now but gosh, I’m obsessed. They fit SO nicely. I love a good pair of skinny jeans but most of them that I already own are a thin, stretchier material. These are a bit heavier (not super hot or anything though) and just feel so much more substantial. I also feel like they make my butt look awesom – obviously a plus!

I want to grab a pair in each color, especially the ‘authentic blue‘!

A couple of other things;

Cleveland related – I tried The Vegan Doughnut Company for the first time the weekend before last. Literal best doughnut I have ever eaten. We went back last weekend and bought a dozen for just the two of us. I highly highly recommend the lemon lavender. Go! Go! Go!

▴ I’ve been using Duolingo to learn Spanish and I’m hooked. With the leaderboard, there’s a bit of a competitive element to it – at least for me – which is super motivating. I’m obviously not fluent and not sure I’ll ever be but I do feel good spending my free time learning something new instead of just scrolling social media.

New favorite pen. I tried these out at a craft store, bought one, then had to hop on the internet the next day and buy a whole pack of them. I just love the way these make my handwriting look. I feel like I need to write a love letter with one. (Seriously, try one! You’ll understand!)

I just love this little pup so much!

What have you discovered and been loving in February? xoxo

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