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Hi friends! What a wild couple of weeks it’s been. I’ve been struggling a bit to find my voice in all of this. I don’t want to contribute to the doom and gloom. I figured the best thing I could do right now is continue to do what I’m always here doing and that’s sharing fun finds and talking about all the little things in life that bring joy.

So, I’ve rounded up a whole bunch of my favorite small businesses, both local and online and listed some ways to help them out (with & without spending money!)

this post contains affiliate links.

  1. Danial Ryan makes the most ridiculous cat-themed art. I discovered them at the end of last year and immediately purchased some prints for my office. They make me smile every single time I see them. (Bonus – they’re actually having a pretty amazing sale right now!)
  2. You know the bowties Professor wears? C’mon, you follow my cat, right!? They’re all made by Carvas Cats.
  3. Lichen and Limestone makes some seriously great smelling candles. They even have one called ‘Ghost Stories’ that smells like marshmallows, campfire, and fear!!
  4. It’s probably the best time in the world to learn something new. How about this kit from Mickey Alice Kwapis to pin your own moth or butterfly? Specimen, tools, and instructions are included. She also has a beetle pinning kit.
  5. I’ve been a huge fan of Wit and Whistle for a while now. Her illustration style is so wonderful. (Also, if you’re a plant person, you need to be following her personal account on instagram!)
  6. Frog and Toad Press makes lots of adorable cards, patches, and stickers. I’ve been a fan for years! I had to buy this patch over the weekend, it only seemed fitting.
  7. Calliope Paperie. If you need cards, pens, etc – basically anything to make your mail cute – Kristina is your girl! She’s one of my favorite internet folks.
  8. Atelier Stella Ceramic makes some of the most lovely ceramics. Don’t you need smiling little buddies to hold your plants!?
  9. Palate Polish is nearly the only brand of polish I wear these days. I could sing their praises for days. Turmeric is my all-time favorite nail color. Seriously, nothing can beat it.
  10. This skull sleep mask may help you get some much-needed rest!
  11. I found Studio Coup through their ‘please adopt’ pin which turned me into an instant fan.
  12. Valley Cruise Press (Cleveland based!) makes so many cute enamel pins, throws, keychains and more. They’re super nice folks too.

ramen cat by Danial Ryan, ‘I don’t worry. Why should you?‘ print by soobeeart

If you’re local to Cleveland –

Gotta shout out my favorite business first, Mason’s Creamery. Y’all I would be devastated if Mason’s didn’t make it through this time. Grabbing ice cream there after a bike ride is honestly one of my favorite summer things. Not only is their ice cream the tastiest, they’re so incredibly nice. They are currently closed but you can buy gift cards now and eat ice cream later. Think of it as doing your future self a solid.

AffoGATOO cat cafe! I was excited about the idea of a cat cafe coming to my neighborhood but when I started seeing their adoption numbers climb and climb I had a whole new love of the place. They’ve been open just over a year now and helped 375 cats find permanent homes. They are currently closed but still are caring for adoptable cats. You can help by donating on their site or grabbing a gift card to use when they open back up.

Oh Pink! Party Shop. Their storefront is currently closed but the online shop is open! You can find cards, stationery, and party supplies. They even have pre-made care packages right now that would be perfect to send to your pals.

outside of Mason’s Creamery last fall

pin by Hemleva, all polishes except white by Palate Polish

Don’t forget your favorite bands!

So many tours had to come to a very abrupt end. That’s an obvious loss of income but the big thing I didn’t even consider until a musician I like posted about is that before a tour most probably purchase A LOT of merch in preparation. That’s a huge chunk of change that they won’t immediately be making back.

Buy physical copies of their music (directly from wherever they have linked on their sites) and buy merch!

My favorite band, Man Man! They don’t have any merch online currently but they do have an album for pre-sale.

left planter by EMC Modern Handmade Ceramics, right planter by Friend Assembly

No extra cash to spend currently?

I totally get it. I almost feel weird doing a post like this when I know there are so many folks out there hurting from the current situation but what needs to be remembered is that these small businesses are those folks’ livelihoods as well. Plus there are definitely still ways to support your favorites without spending a dime.

Like, share and interact with their content. I know you’re probably sick to death of hearing about it but the algorithm can really work against small businesses. When you like or comment on things, especially on Instagram or Facebook, it lets it know that that’s quality content you’re interested in seeing, that maybe your friends would be interested too.

If someone you like hasn’t been showing up in your feeds lately, go and like their stuff! Likes are free, spread them!! Along the same lines, if you’ve ever bought in the past from them, share a photo! Haven’t purchased before? Share one of their recent posts in your stories. Seriously, just share the love! It’s such a small effort but makes a world of difference.

Friend to bugs patch by Frog and Toad Press

crescent moon pin by These Are Things

More, more & even more!

Psych Blues Film! Remember when I reviewed them here? ▴ Miniature Rhino makes Sashiko mending kits. Her instagram is so inspiring. It makes me want to repair my whole wardrobe! ▴ I LOVE Cat Rocketship’s work! Skeletons but cute. ▴ For Strange Women‘s whole shop is just so pleasing to look at. ▴ Do you like mushrooms? You need to check out Margot Mushrooms ▴ Of course, I have a small business, The Dainty Squid shop! ▴ Lastly, Can I offer you an egg in this trying time?

Stay home & stay safe friends! xoxo

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  • Thank you sooo much for this list. You inspired me to include Always Sunny in my pandemic TV rotation, girl this was the best decision ever. I forgot they even have a quarantine episode!
    Excited to get in on that nail polish & some of that pottery, too. Grateful that you still produce quality content after all these years. Thanks again Kaylah <3