friday favorites #560

by Kaylah Stroup

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A recent purchase I am SO excited about – boob planter! I liked it so much I bought a butt planter from the same company.

Digging these overalls. They look super comfy! (This pair is cute too! Love that baggy fit.)

Emily Kinsella’s work is so lovely. I really like her style.

Very very into these earrings!

The colors of this dress are so pretty. I’m featuring a dress that isn’t black and white striped?! Who am I?!!!

Love this weekly to-do list!

I feel like I feature Calhoun & Co’s blankets every other week. They just have such cute designs.

Aren’t these planters so pretty!?

This pillow!

I just love this dress! Perfect to just throw on with some sandals and be all set. It comes in a handful of other colors as well.

I LOVE this rug!

Link love…

  • THIS RUG HAS A FACE AND I LOVE IT. Yes, all caps.
  • Iridescent shower curtain!
  • This washi tape set in earth tones would be perfect to tape down pressed plants in a notebook. That may seem oddly specific but I’ve been finding TONS of four-leaf clovers lately so I’ve got pressed plants on the mind.
  • I wish this dress was photographed on a model because it is very cute and I’d love to know how it actually fits.
  • These PJs legitimately made me snort because they have bananas and ketchup on them? It just seems so random.
  • I LOVE the color of this shirt.
  • Oh hello. This bra sure is something! Also, this one!

Happy Friday! xoxo

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Jessica May 23, 2020 - 2:50 pm

Feel like I was MEANT to own those earrings! Thanks for sharing – I’ve always loved these Friday roundups x

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