sixty four-leaf clovers!

by Kaylah Stroup
four leaf clover collection

In the month of May I found sixty (SIXTY! 60! SIIIIIXTYYY!) four leaf clovers in my own very, very tiny yard.

I’ve had a ~thing~ with four leaf clovers for a little while now. In 2018, I found my first one and then immediately became obsessed with finding them. I was constantly looking for them. I found seven total the whole year.

In 2019, my mom died and I started finding four leaf clovers ALL THE TIME. I wrote a post about it here. There’s a kind of ebb and flow to it. Some months I’ll only find a few, then the next month I find a ton. At the beginning of May I realized I was finding a lot of them every single time I took Klaus outside. Instead of just shoving them randomly in my notebook, I sectioned off an area for all of them so that at the end of the month I could count up my total.

four leaf clovers

Pretty wild, right!? I can’t believe I found sixty of them in my yard. There is barely even any grass, just what lines my driveway. I’m still not saying it’s anything related to my mom but then again, I kinda am…

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