decorate with me – curiosity cabinet

When we bought our new home, the owner offered to leave us any pieces of furniture that we wanted. He was getting divorced and most likely moving to a much smaller home. (That’s just me assuming because this place is massive!) It kind of felt awkward going through the house and pointing out things we wanted to keep. One thing I wasn’t shy about asking for was this glass cabinet.

I’d been eyeing up a similar one (perhaps even the same one?) from Ikea for years! I just thought it would make the most perfect display cabinet for oddities. In my old apartment, I simply didn’t have the room. So when I spotted it in the bathroom of this house, I had to make sure it stayed with the house.

We ended up bringing it downstairs and as luck would have it, my living room has the perfect wall for it. I though it’d be fun to make a video of me unpacking all my oddities and figuring out how best to display them.

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  • Oof. Since we are getting ready to move, this hit hard. I can’t wait to unpack, but so so carefully! That curio looks amazing in that space & I cannot wait to see more decorating.

    Also… I have a couple of teeth I’m almost ready to part with (supernumerary wisdom teeth… Lucky me ended up with 6 wisdom teeth & I have the 2 tiny ones). This feels beyond strange since they came out of my mouth, but if you want them, let me know & I’ll send them along.

    • Woo! Congrats on moving!

      And heck yes! I’d happily add those to my mini-museum! My address is;
      Kaylah Stroup
      PO Box 482
      Ashtabula, OH 44005