metal detecting our 150 year old yard!

by Kaylah Stroup

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a few of our found treasures from the yard

One of the first things I thought after falling in love with our 150-year-old house at the first showing was ‘holy cow, there’s gotta be lots of treasure in this yard!’ We had the opportunity to meet the previous owner and while showing us some random bits and bobs he’d saved from around the house, metal detecting came up in the conversation. He said that at one point he’d let a friend do a little detecting but nothing was really found. I think Jeff and I both kind of took that as a challenge because a house this old? There has to be something cool buried in the yard!

It’s been just over three weeks since we moved in and while we’ve done a little bit of metal detecting here and there, over the weekend was the first time we really spent some time searching for treasure.

Our equipment – metal detectorpinpointer

I highly recommend both! The metal detector is a great brand and this is a solid model. Easy enough for beginners to start with but good enough for enthusiasts as well! Personally, I think a pinpointer is a must. It and the metal detector go hand in hand. You’re going to have a much better time looking for treasures if you have the pinpointer’s help!

I’m already so excited to get back out there and spend another couple of hours hunting for treasures in our yard. xoxo

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