stroup mansion – drone footage!

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Last year for Christmas, Jeff surprised me with a drone! I had wanted one for a while but felt super overwhelmed by it all. Something I’ve learned over time is that when you start a new hobby, you should never buy the absolute cheapest tools or supplies for that hobby because you’re bound to just get frustrated. So, obviously, I didn’t want to get a dirt-cheap drone but because I had never flown one and watched one too many fail videos, I was convinced I would crash it immediately.

Shortly before the holiday season, I stumbled upon DJI’s Mavic Mini. I watched all the videos on it, read all the reviews, and decided that if I were ever to finally take the plunge, that’s the one I’d get. It looked amazing. Perfectly acceptable for beginners but still a really great drone that you wouldn’t immediately outgrow. On Christmas morning, I found it under the tree waiting for me!

Back in Cleveland, we actually lived in a no-fly zone* since we were so close to the airport. I wasn’t able to fly it unless we went out to my parent’s house. I practiced a bit in the cold, snowy weather which really took a toll on my battery life. Then the pandemic hit, we quit seeing my family every week and I basically had nowhere I felt comfortable practicing with my drone. Even though I loved flying it and found it even more fun and exciting than I ever imagined I would, I barely touched it for quite a few months.

*One of my favorite things about the Mavic Mini is that it shows you where you can and cannot fly. It’s also so lightweight that it doesn’t need to be registered.

I am SO excited to finally own land now and feel totally comfortable flying my drone, knowing that I’m not disturbing anyone else. I took a tiny bit of footage the day we got the keys but the gorgeous fall colors we have this week inspired me to really spend some time outside with my drone!

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There are so many things we want to do to the exterior of the house next spring and summer. The previous owner did a lot of work on the inside but barely touched the outside. She needs flower beds, the drywall that years ago had just been tossed out a window and left to rot to be picked up, a porch facelift, and so much more but gosh, even now, I can’t get over how beautiful this house is.

I am in love.

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