20+ cute planters (that won’t break the bank!)

by Kaylah Stroup

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black planter (comes in a set of three!) // white planter (comes in a set of five!)

With over one hundred house plants in my collection, hunting down cute planters has become a sport to me. I am constantly on the lookout for snazzy pots to add to my collection! Here are a handful that are already around my house and some I’ve got on my wishlist. Nothing on this list is over $50.

  1. set of three speckled planters
  2. matte black planter
  3. black + speckled tan planter – set of two
  4. white drip planter
  5. black + white raindrops – set of two
  6. striped planter trio
  7. smoked white planter – set of two
  8. terracotta pots with legs – set of two
  9. pink terracotta planters – set of two
moon face planter
moon face planter
butt planter
butt planter // planters with tiny legs (a set of three!)
cute planter round up!
  1. beaded planter
  2. two-tone geometric planter
  3. unglazed terracotta planter – set of two
  4. white and gold planter – set of two
  5. footed planter
  6. embossed planter
  7. dotted planter – set of two
  8. trio of pots with metal stands
simple black planter (set of five!)
tooth shaped planter
tooth planter

Remember, drainage is essential! Most of the planters shown in this post already have drainage holes but if you end up with one without, it’s super easy to drill your own. Check out my how to drill holes in planters tutorial.

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