before + after // office corner!

by Kaylah Stroup

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Just a little before and after of one corner of my office. This was the first room in the house that we tackled when we moved in. After the initial renovations, it sat mostly undecorated for quite a while. I needed to figure out the best way to set up my sewing area and computer desk. My office in our last apartment was so small I had a desk for each of those things on opposite walls and was able to roll in my chair back and forth between the two. This room would clearly call for a different set up. Aside from that, I was hesitant to put any screw holes in the beautiful walls I had just repainted and organizing my shelves never felt quite right.

Check out the original before + after video of this room on my Youtube channel.

Slowly but surely, she’s coming together and morphing into a gorgeous room. Decorated exactly my style! Yesterday, while sitting at my computer desk, I glanced over at the far corner and realized I needed to take a photo. Even if it’s not quite perfect yet, it’s come a heck of a long way!

I love it here.

side table
light fixture

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