easy seed organization!

by Kaylah Stroup

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how to organize seeds
Teva flatorms for LIFE!

If you’ve been following me for a while, my head-first dive into gardening this year probably isn’t much of a surprise. Now that I have a yard of my own, gardening basically consumes my every thought! I am HOOKED.

Early in the year, I started purchasing seeds to start indoors. (I bought this little greenhouse. HIGHLY recommended. Makes such a big difference when starting seeds indoors.) At first, just storing the individual seed packets inside a tote bag was fine. The more seeds I collected, the more I realized that organizing them would be essential if I didn’t want to waste fifteen minutes sorting through seed packets every single time I wanted to find one specific thing.

seed organizer

After a quick search, I ended up finding this photo organizer. Sixteen four by six containers that all fit neatly into one larger box. It is PERFECT for organizing my seeds. Half of the containers are for my flower seeds and the other half for my veggies. From there, I have them grouped by other categories such as perennials or tomatoes. (Gosh, I have so many tomato seeds! I can’t help it!)

Knowing exactly where each kind of seed is stored makes it so much easier to see what I have and make sure it gets in the ground at the right time. It helps prevent me from accidentally repurchasing things I own. (Do you know how many times I ordered radish seeds because I kept not being able to find them when I’d look? Too many.) It’s also super easy to store when I don’t need it and tote it out to the garden when I’m ready to plant! Honestly, can’t recommend it enough!

I feel like this organizer plus a couple packets of seeds would make the perfect gift for a budding gardener or new homeowner!

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Happy gardening! xoxo

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