before + after // closet door

by Kaylah Stroup

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Another before + after post. This time, the closet door in my bedroom! I know that doesn’t really sound wildly exciting but I am truly jazzed on this little update.

All of this started when I decided to paint my closet gold. I actually wanted to paint it three different shades of gold. I bought my three shades but after getting the first coat on, I realized they weren’t different enough. You couldn’t really tell at all. I ended up mixing them all together for the second coat. For the third coat, I chose my favorite of the three and bought a fresh gallon. I decided I liked the color so much I’d paint the back of our bedroom door with it. I LOVED it immediately.

There was a part of me that thought I should probably paint the closet door the same color but I was nervous I’d end up hating it. It’s definitely a bold color choice, and I didn’t want the gold to be overwhelming. I figured I’d just leave it white and if at any time in the future I thought it felt right to paint it, I would.

Well, it finally hit me the other night while lying in bed, the door needed to be gold. I woke up the next morning, cleaned it off, fixed some holes, and painted it! I could not be happier with how it turned out!

when we purchased the house // after removing the carpet squares and starting to repair the walls.

finished room with the white door // & now with that gorgeous gold door!!!

It’s kind of wild how much a couple coats of paint can really change the whole room! I’ve already decided on a few more spots around the house that will be getting the colorful door treatment at some point. Can’t wait to pick out more colors.

Clearly, I still need to hang things on the walls. As I mention every single time I point out my kind of naked (at least for this maximalist) home, I definitely think that finding the right pieces takes time. While I really really would like stuff on the walls right this second, I don’t want to just throw any old thing up there. Gotta find the pieces that speak to ya, you know? It’s our ‘forever’ home, there’s no rush.

Still pretty bare but a definite improvement from this, eh!?

wall color – White Batten by Sherwin Williams
door color – Gothic Gold by Glidden
ceiling fan
TV stand – thrifted
gold plant stand

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