Mom’s daylilies

by Kaylah Stroup

Some of the very first additions to the beautiful garden I started this year were plants dug up from my late mother’s garden. There was nothing I was wildly excited about at the time. The things I brought home to my garden, I grabbed simply because they had belonged to my mom. I knew no matter what, I’d end up loving them but when the irises bloomed I realized I had underestimated just how important these plants would be to me.

Out of the handful of carloads packed with her flowers, these daylilies were honestly what I was least excited about. I had even considered putting them elsewhere in the yard because I wasn’t sure I’d want them in my flower garden. Once again though, the second they bloomed they moved straight up to the top of my favorites list. Each day more flowers open. It’s a wonderful sight.

I honestly don’t really have much more to say than that. I just wanted to share some photos of this special moment. Hopefully this is the first of many years of blooms. I hope that her plants can continue to grow and multiply in my yard so I can divide them and pass them on to folks I love.

Gardening is magic. ✨

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