floor transition mini update

by Kaylah Stroup

There are tons of tiny details around this giant old house that I want to change. For example, the floor in the living room needs a lot of love. Until I’m a bit further down my jumbo to-do list, it’s something I’m totally fine with putting off for a while. Listen, I’m already knee-deep in a giant kitchen renovation – no more starting big projects at the moment. The transition pieces between the living room and each of the other rooms off it though? I can’t stand the way they look. Beige marble. Ick. Honestly, anything beige doesn’t really fit my vibe. I’ve hated them since the first time we saw the house.

Randomly, one evening, it hit me. I’ve seen a ton of contact paper DIY projects over the years! Why not give it a try on the awful beige marble transition pieces!?

I ended up purchasing this black marble contact paper. For less than ten bucks per roll, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. (The price seems to vary a bunch but always stays cheap. Right now you can even get two for less than ten!)

It was super easy, took less than an hour, and only required the contact paper and an exacto knife. Honestly, most of that time was probably just wasted with me fiddling with my camera since I was trying to film the process.

above – before // below – after

I don’t know how long it’ll end up lasting but I’m certainly happy with it for now! Of course, eventually, I’d love to replace the beige marble with real black marble transitions. Marble isn’t exactly cheap though and we have a lot more pressing matters to take care of in this old home so who knows when it will get done. This is the perfect little hack for the time being!

A Squid approved project!

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