stroup mansion – hallway 2022

by Kaylah Stroup

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Just dropping in to share some current photos from my hallway from the last month. Every tiny project that happens around this house reminds me more and more how important it is to document the house at every stage. So, even though this space isn’t finished here it is!

snake lamp // bird leg table

giant mirror

Although the hallway got a fresh coat of paint when we moved in, the real renovations aren’t something even close to the top of the priority list. I kept thinking that I’d wait until I did the big stuff (namely the floor) before I worried about hanging anything on the wall or even decorating.

Jeff and I kind of had an ‘aha!’ moment recently though. We decided that we should add to our tiny collection of portraits of strangers and that all of those should fill our hallway. I bought a few more portraits from Etsy and couldn’t resist hanging them. I’m not one of those people that plans out a gallery wall before hanging it so I’ve just been adding pieces as they arrive. Each new piece has made my love for this space soar. Aaand that’s how this all started. After that I added some new plants, picked up a clearance rug and splurged on my dream mirror.

There are still renovations I want to do up here but I truly love this room exactly as it is today. Honestly, I’ve felt that way about this space since the first time I saw it. It just keeps getting better and better!

rainbows made with this.

Can’t end this post without a little flashback to what this space looked like in 2013 while it was abandoned! I can’t lie, that wallpaper is pretty rad. I’m almost glad it was gone before we moved in or else I’d have definitely been tempted to save it.

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