custom book embosser review

by Kaylah Stroup

I recently thrifted a book that had a custom embossed design on one of the pages. Immediately after spotting it I KNEW I needed one of my own. I wasn’t sure if it would be something I’d have to save for or not. I just knew that I needed one.

I did a quick bit of research, realized they were totally affordable and filed the thought away as ‘Christmas gift idea for Jeff!’ I ended up buying him both a custom stamp* and a custom embosser because I couldn’t decide which I thought was more cute.

*The custom stamp was from RuskinSketch on etsy. Highly recommend them if you want to go the stamp route!

When the embosser arrived, I gave it a test run just to make sure it wasn’t a dud. I felt like for the price, it might very well be too good to be true. I ended up buying one for myself the same day though.

custom ex libris embosser


I ordered my custom book embosser here from Pickled Stamps. They’re customizable. Don’t just look at the few pictures in the listing either. Once you hit “customize now” over where you’d press add to cart, you get the full run down on all your different options!

It’s super easy to use. Just pick a page, squeeze the embosser and gently smooth with your hand.

100+ books later and I’m still as charmed as I was by the first one. It just feels so fancy! If you’re a book lover or you know a book lover – this is a must have! xo

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