metal detecting finds pt1

by Kaylah Stroup

I originally wrote this post in the fall of 2021 and it’s been sitting in my drafts since. I still think these are some really rad finds, and I’d love to actually start this series now that I’m blogging again. So, here’s we go!

Jeff and I have been back to metal detecting our yard like mad again! We were super into it when we first moved in but it’s easy to forget about when there are so many other house tasks to tackle. Last week, he randomly suggested we get back at it and wouldn’t you know it, we’re hooked all over again.

The past two or three times out we’ve found some neat things. I even made a cute little reel with some of the finds. There’s always lots of trash, mostly nails and pop cans. Even the trash is fun to find though. You’ll have to remind me I said that after five pop cans in a row. There’s just something very exciting about unearthing something that’s been hidden underground for who knows how long.

After our last evening spent metal detecting I realized I needed to start a blog series to highlight some of the cool stuff. So, what was so neat that it inspired me to start a series? This ring!

It’s just costume jewelry. We didn’t actually find a solid gold ring in our yard. At least not yet. Fingers crossed. But wow! The feeling of finding this? INCREDIBLE.

It was a great signal on the metal detector but I was already ready to be done. I think we both presumed it’d be a coin which is always great. When you’re hangry though? Meh, coin smoin. I was ready to head inside and get some food in my belly. The second Jeff flipped over the dirt plug I screamed, we met eyes and I yelped “Stop! I have to get my phone!” I was no longer weak with hunger. I darted into the house to grab my phone and camera. I recorded him removing it from the dirt and then took about nine billion photos of the ring.

Of course, it’d be way cooler if it were real gold. We certainly wouldn’t sell it but it’d be neat to know that it was worth something. At the risk of sounding super cheesy though, I think it might be worth just as much to us even though it is fake. We had metal detected a handful of times before moving to this house but it definitely became kind of like a date night activity here. I love wandering around the yard with Jeff looking for treasures. We find lots of trash but all of it feels like we’re discovering more about our home and its past.

another find from the day – an axe head.

Above – All the finds from the day. Mostly junk, as you can see but every piece of junk is one less signal which means if there is anything actually cool, it’ll just be easier to spot next time!

Our equipment – metal detectorpinpointer

I highly recommend both! The metal detector is a great brand and this is a solid model. Easy enough for beginners to start with but good enough for enthusiasts as well! Personally, I think a pinpointer is a must. It and the metal detector go hand in hand. You’re going to have a much better time looking for treasures if you have the pinpointer’s help!

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