throughout the years // dining room

by Kaylah Stroup

One of my favorite things to do with the very few old photos I have of my home is take updated photos of the same view. It’s something I plan to do for years and years to come so that I can watch as things change, and document how those views look throughout the years. I normally just share those over on instagram but we’re starting a new series here! This way they’ll be easier to find, I can write more about each photo and so that photos are larger.

First up – this view of my dining room!


This is the dining room in 2010. The house was listed for sale but never sold. I’m not sure why it didn’t sell. Perhaps the listing price was too high? I don’t know! It seems bonkers that no one would snatch it up though. After being on the market for a year, it was taken down and the house was abandoned.

sometime between 2011-2016

Someone reached out on Youtube a while back and sent me photos of the house they took while it was abandoned! He sent me a ton of photos. Every few months I go through them and find some new detail I hadn’t noticed before. It’s really fun. Love being able to see the full view of this mural that you can only see a peek of in the previous photo. (Thanks again for the photos, Dave!)


Ten years later. This was easily one of the nicest rooms in the house when we bought it. The whole house has potential, obviously, but this was the room where that potential reeeeally shined. I loved the wall color, the portière, the furniture! Ugh, it’s all just so good.

When the previous owner offered to let us keep the dining room furniture I was just kind of like “yeah, that’d be cool, thanks” but now I can’t imagine a more perfect furniture set for the room. This feels like a bold statement but I don’t foresee this furniture set ever leaving this room. When I die and haunt this house, I will not allow the next owners to move these piece out.


An actual dream! I still can’t believe this is my house. It’s so much more than I could ever have imagined.

We kept the blue the previous owner chose for the room, although it got a fresh coat and a nice tight cut in job! I’m not really a blue gal but there’s absolutely no color that could fit this room better. It’s so moody!

Can’t wait to continue this little throughout the years series and have a real excuse to take more replicate photos. xo

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Cherie Moore April 3, 2023 - 9:33 am

So love watching your style evolve with your home. I remember the lockers you had at one time….can’t remember if they made the move with you or not. Anyway, so happy to see blog postings again 🙂

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