my mother’s irises

by Kaylah Stroup

Time for my annual photoshoot with my late mother’s flowers.

In 2021, the year I started my massive circle shaped flower bed (ahem, see here!) my dad gave me free reign of my late mother’s flower beds. My mom LOVED her gardens so despite the fact that none of the flowers that were still surviving excited me, I happily brought a bunch home to care for in my own garden.

That first season, even though we transplanted at the ‘wrong’ time, the plants still managed to product flowers. From then on I have been straight up obsessed with these plants.

This is their third season in my garden and I truly can’t imagine them looking any prettier than this. Every single bloom just feels like pure magic.

purple iris

left 2021 // right 2022 // 2023 below

It breaks my heart she isn’t here to see my garden. I know she’d love it. Growing up, she couldn’t pass by a garden center without stopping in to see what they had. It drove me nuts at the time. She always said “You’ll get it someday!” and by golly, I do now. What I wouldn’t give to browse a garden center with her again. ❤

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