in the garden // july 2023

by Kaylah Stroup

It’s the third summer in the flower garden of my dreams!

There are so many plants blooming right now. It’s an absolute treat to wander around inside. Every day it seems like something new is exploding with color.

It’s been too hot most recent days to do much of anything out there which works out just fine for me since it’s mostly on autopilot during the summer. The goal has always been that there are enough plants that there just isn’t room for weeds. While I’m not quite there yet, this year’s garden is worlds different than my first-year garden (which I HATED during the summer because it just felt unmanageable!)

This year my flower bed is an absolute delight.

I just wanted to share some recent flower bed pictures. That’s all. xo

Check out this post from June of 2021 to see little peek at how far it’s come!

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