Friday Favorites #521

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How neat is this floating picture frame? I’ve never seen anything like it. It’d also be really easy to put some string lights behind and that’d be rad!

A shirt you can buy if you already own five hundred black and white shirt because it’s different.

Oh my goodness, snail lamp! LOVE IT!

These are stupid and they make me laugh.

This mug!

This tote makes me smile every time I come across it.

Ca-yoot! Love the pom pom detail on the straps.

I can’t decide whether I think this cat tissue holder is the best thing ever or the worst…

The perfect shirt for all you cry babies out there. (ME)

I am very into this mirror / necklace holder. It’s also pretty darn affordable. The only thing stopping me from snagging one is that I don’t know where I’d hang it… yet.

Link love…

Happy Friday! xoxo

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  • Curses – I can’t see the Nic Cage eye mask because it’s blocking it for the UK?! Humph! Anywho I’m glad to know that kind of thing exists and I know what I’m getting for my sister for her birthday… even if I have to make it myself! AMAZING!