Friday Favorites #540

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I originally was just going to include this bandana because I thought it was cute. Upon further reading though, I noticed that it actually repels mosquitos, ticks and other bugs ya don’t want on you! How rad is that!?

Because who doesn’t need more cute little storage containers to store tiny treasures in!?

I’m just picturing this gorgeous quilted throw on my blue couch and ugh, soooo good!

This reusable straw that rolls up into a tiny container you can attach to your keychain is the coolest.

This sweater is so cute! I also just really love how happy the model looks.

These earrings!

Creature of the night!

Love these jammies!

I’ve featured this snake lamp time and time again. I want it so badly but I’ve just been waiting for the price to drop. Guess what – it happened! It’s down $20 from the original price.

I wore one of my Sugarhill Boutique sweaters for the first time this season yesterday and I’m hooked all over again. They just fit really nice and who can resist a giant animal on their sweater!? I love this deer one.

This sweatshirt!

Gotta throw in one of my own items since it fits this week’s theme! This constellation boxy bag!

Link love…

Happy Friday! xoxo

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