Back again with another edition of how’s it growing!


I’ve been feeling very encouraged by my baby avocado trees lately. I go through spells with these dudes. Love them for a period of time, then get mad at them for not growing well then I’m back in love.

I would like to do a better job documenting them and how they’re growing though. I’m thinking about numbering the bottom of each planter so I can more easily keep track of each one. Despite the fact they’re all in different looking planters, I still get confused which is which in older photos.

Winter is supposed to be a more chill season for growth but I feel like in the last month or so all of these have really taken off. I’m considering pruning back my two largest (especially that one on the right side below). I don’t know though, I hate losing leaves and height. We’ll see!

above – February 12th below – January 22nd

I’m experimenting with Joyful Dirt currently. I don’t really know much about fertilizer and house plants. In the past I’ve used fertilizers for outdoor plants but I almost feel like that’s a whole different thing.

I do think it will be hard to tell whether or not it’s making a difference. The one consistent thing I’ve found with growing avocado trees is that they are all wildly different. Some start to grow roots in a few weeks, some literally take months. Some pop out leaves immediately, others seem to be very stingy with leaf growth.

Joyful Dirt has two different ways you can use it. You can mix it with your water or you can apply it directly to the soil. I opted to sprinkle a bit at the base of one of my newly planted avocado pits and then water that thoroughly.

As long as I don’t see any negative effects, I’ll probably start to use this on all my avocados.

exciting things –

My new trellis! I mentioned in my last plant post that I had purchased this small trellis for my swiss cheese plant and wow, it did not disappoint. I’ve already been eyeing up the rest of my plants to see if anyone else would benefit from one.

In the past, I would plant things in just about any container but now I’m realizing how much more I love all my plants when they’re growing in something I actually enjoy looking at. I had considered buying a cheaper trellis or even some plain stakes but I’m glad I opted for this one. I love looking at it.

My Watermelon Peperomia is flowering! Not the most spectacular flowers, I’ll give you that but still, any type of flower is exciting to me!

Even more flowers! This dumb cane, which I rescued from my parent’s house after my mom passed, is flowering. This feels so special, especially since it opened up the day after my mom’s birthday. It has two buds. Currently only one is open but I’ve been anxiously checking the other one approximately every ten minutes since realizing it was there. You can see a photo of the whole plant here.

new arrivals –

I had a tough week. Okay? That’s my excuse for five new plants when I had just recently told myself “you have no more room, stop it!” I purchased another orchid to experiment with (It was on clearance! How could I resist for five bucks!?) Also, from L to R; Peperomia San Marino, Sansevieria Starfish, mystery yard find, and cyclamen.

My mystery plant! I don’t know what this is (and to be fair, I haven’t tried to ID it yet.) It was growing in an old, unmaintained planter outside my house. I don’t grow anything outside here, and in the time that I’ve lived here, no one else has either so I figured snagging this was fair game. I just thought the leaves were neat looking. The fact that it had survived the winter outside so far makes me think it’s super resilient. It already has some new growth starting to sprout! I’m curious to see what happens with it over the next couple months.

Cyclamen leaves are just SO pretty!

I really do try not to purchase larger plants. I don’t have the space. Period. BUT I could not resist this guy. The top side of the leaves is gorgeous but that bright red underside!? Ugh. I couldn’t stop myself.


striped planters // trellis // face planters

If you’re local, stop by Suncrest Gardens. I just discovered them this week. Easily my new favorite plant store! I’m used to nurseries only having a very small selection of house plants to choose from but they had so many things I had never seen in person! I already can’t wait to go back.

Professor says ‘Youz lucky I let you have dees.”

Check out my instagram hashtag for more photos of my plant collection – #kaylahheartsplants.

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Vonne February 13, 2020 - 1:33 pm

Your mystery plant looks like some sort of geranium.
All your plants look great, btw!

aleks February 13, 2020 - 10:45 pm

hi kaylah, commenting to say that i love these posts a lot! i really enjoy seeing your plant updates, especially since you seem to care for them so much. i hope you have a better week ahead 🙂

Kabira February 18, 2020 - 6:20 pm

wow great and love this article